Game day

Game day

Game day is where it all comes together as team get to play in a friendly, competitive and fun completion. Coaches can do only so much to help players be ready.  Parents and Players are also important in this preparation…


At Home Games, teams assemble at Gowrie Playing field – home of the Junior Vikings. For away games team gather at the relevant opposition’s field.

Game Kick-Off Times


U7, U8 and U9s


U14 and U15


U10 and U11




U12 and U13



Duration of game

Under 7s and U8s

15 minutes each way [5-minute interval]

Under 9s, U10s, U11s

20 minutes each way [5-minute interval]

Under 12s, U13s, U14s

25 minutes each way [5-minute interval]

Under 15s and u16s

30 minutes each way [5 minute interval]

Under 18s

35 minutes each way [5 minute interval]

Generally, Coaches will ask their teams to assemble approximately 30 minutes before the game for U7-U11s and generally longer (45-60 minutes) for older age groups depending on the coach’s instructions. This time is spent warming up, ensuring all players have the right equipment and preparing for the coming competition.

General games times (i.e. default kick-off time) are listed below – however these are subject to change and teams can often play one starting time later or earlier than the default time due to operational, travel or ground availability. All kick off times should be checked against Rugby Xplorer.


The referee will talk to teams before the game and separately talk to the Captain, Front Row and Half Back regarding more detailed briefing specific to these roles.  In addition, the referee will check players boots and sometimes fingernails/piercings.

 Players need to line up as a team, in their jerseys and ready to take to the pitch, at least 10 minutes before the scheduled kick-off times.

Most referees will ask players to kneel in a line. That way the referee can walk along behind the players and do a quick boot check.

Why do referees check boots? To make sure that there is no burring or sharp edges and that Studs/cleats of boots conform to World Rugby Specifications (Reg.12) and are not longer than 21mm (Both rugby metal studs and “generic” football molded rubber sole boots are OK).


  • Team strip – jersey*, shorts and socks. The committee has invested a lot of time in making sure that we are smartly presented on the field and our sponsors are given the support they deserve
  • Football boots – they stop players slipping over and help prevent injuries. Metal studs may be worn from U12 and up and are strongly encouraged for forwards as they increase scrum stability/safety.
  • Mouth guards are a great idea – not only for the teeth and smile but also (and mainly) helps minimise concussion. Pharmacy ones are ok.
  • Other optional gear – lace covers, scrumcap/head gear and shoulder padded vest. however, these are not compulsory. Scrum caps and shoulder pads should conform to World Rugby standards (note these are generally thinner than Rugby League style pads). 

* Jerseys are kept together as a team set.  As they are a significate investment every 2-3 years Jerseys are not handed out to individual players during the season – this will ensure Jerseys don’t go missing.


As awesome as your coaches, managers, first-aider and committee are – we can’t do it all and need your help – especially on game day to ensure everything runs smoothly.  Requests will be made by Team Mangers for Volunteers for the following for each round;

Ground setup (at home ground)

  • BBQ/Canteen Assistance (at home ground)
  • Water Runner
  • Providing Half-time orange’s/fruit
  • Jersey washing
  • Field Marshal (monitor and defuse situations with Viking Junior Supporters)
  • Linesmen (sideline runner to monitor the sideline only ie no advice to referee, coaching or calling out team is also not allowed)

Please help-out were you can – it can make game day easier and enjoyable for everyone.

Your Team Manager will organize a Jersey wash roster – the advantage is your child will be able to wear their Jersey to the game the next week!

Most teams also establish an ‘Oranges/Fruit, Jersey washing Roster ‘ whereby one parent each week brings the oranges/fruit. While many of us parents have grown up on oranges/fruit at half time – recent research indicates the best fruits for half time are watermelon and Bananas, however oranges are still welcome!

 Team Water Bottles are supplied to coaches who will ensure they are clean and filled for each training and game.

Volunteering for the Club…Team and Parent Bonding It’s all about our Rugby Community/Family!

Our hope is that parents and get to know each other while helping as well as providing game day venue to encourage players and parents to mingle for a few minutes before heading off for the rest of their day. The committee feels that the social aspect is as important as the sport itself.


We understand that we have many players new to the game this year. The best way to improve your skills and understanding of the Rugby Game is to train, play and listen to your coaches as well as watching other age groups, our seniors, National Rugby Championship (NRC). Super Rugby, or Test Matches live or on TV (generally Foxtel).

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How can we help?

We would love your help

As you know running a rugby club involves heaps of effort and time, basically it takes a community.  And of course we'd love your help!!