player info

Player Info

Welcome to the 2024 season with Vikings Junior Rugby!! 

At Vikings we play for love and enjoyment of the game. Therefore, our expectation on players is to:

  • Enjoy Rugby and have heaps of Fun!
  • Support and uphold Rugby and Vikings Values
  • Try hard, and give your best
  • Work as a team
  • Respect the laws of the game
  • Support your teammates

Some keys questions answered below


Training will commence in late February / early March you will be contacted by your coach/manager with details.

Most teams from under 9 and up will train twice weekly for at least 1-1.5 hrs per session generally between 4 pm and 7 pm.

Training Days are Mondays and Wednesdays with times agreed upon by the individual coaches and managers with parents and the Club committee.

All training from u7 to u15 boys and girls is held at our home grounds, Gowrie Playing Fields, Castleton Cres Gowrie.

u16 to u18 boys and girls are part of our GenRed program and train at Viking Park on Monday and Wednesday evenings.


All players are provided with club shorts and socks as part of their registration.

These will be given out two weeks prior to the commencement of the season.

Jerseys are provided as a set to each team. These are kept together and not given to each individual player. Jersey’s are returned to the club at the end of the season.

vikings union team

The Code of Conduct

This is the Code of Conduct that everyone needs to play by.. that includes players, parents, spectators and our lovely volunteers!

Vikings rugby jersey and ball

General play

Information on game play, the season, playing divisions and finals


All you need to now about training, what to bring and what to expect.

Game day

All you need to now about game days, what to bring and what to expect.

Safety and Gear

All the info you need on being safe playing rygby and what gear you need


We all know that starting something new, unfamiliar and with people you have only just met, can be daunting (even for adults). It’s made a little easier for your child if you, as a parent, get involved with them and actively assist your child’s team. Learn some basics here

The club will provide courses for volunteers to fulfil their roles If you cannot commit to a role for the season, ask your Coach or Team Manager how you can assist them on a week to week basis. It’s OK if you don’t know a lot about Rugby – your coach will happily let you know how you can help. The youngest age groups require lots of hands and patience to keep players’ attention on games and training activities. More helpers often mean that each player gets more turns and touches the ball more often during training.


It is important to let your Coach or Team Manager know if you are unable to attend training or games or if you are going to be late.  When you don’t attend or are late training and games it lets your whole team down! 

To be eligible to play, all players must be registered and fees paid-up.  No player is to take the field if they are not registered to Vikings Juniors and registration fees fully paid.

A player may not be covered by Rugby Au insurance if they are already injured. Coaches and Managers who let an unregistered player take the field could be held personally liable of costs associated with injury and will be removed from their position.


All in the TVJRUFC community are encouraged to participate in the operations/running of the club.  It is critically important that the efforts of these individuals are acknowledged and respected. Volunteering for the Club…Team and Parent Bonding It’s all about our Rugby Community/Family!

Volunteers are the sweat and life blood of Viking Juniors. There are many opportunities to actively participate in our community as a coach, referee, first aider and volunteer. At Viking Juniors, we are all volunteers, here to make the game of Rugby an experience for our children that is great one.

We ask family members, to put up their hand to volunteer as Coach, Assistant Coach, Team Manager, Field Marshall or the Team First Aid Officer. Consider volunteering in one of these roles yourself.

All participants on the committee, coaches, managers and other volunteers are aware that they are not perfect and don’t always make the best decisions in the view of all the community. The objective is to make a decision that is in line with the club’s direction, culture and ethos.

As such if any individual has any issue with the actions or decisions of the committee they are strongly encouraged to give as freely of their time and expertise to improve the club by participating in the delivery of services as part of the operational team.

If they have not the time or capacity to actively engage in the running of the Club, then they are encouraged to restrain their complaints and provide their view privately as a constructive suggestion to the committee members.

All volunteers must hold a current ACT Government ‘Working with Vulnerable People’ Card. All Volunteers in an official role at TVJRUFC must provide details of their WWVPC to TVJRUFC in order qualify to fill the role with the club.  The WWVPC registration number must be recorded in Rugby Xplorer by the volunteer when they register as a volunteer.


Rugby is “all weather” and a winter sport. There will be times when it is cold wet and but sometimes it’s not prudent to send out small kids. Very, very occasionally games or training may be cancelled due to bad weather.

Where grounds are closed or it is particularly wet, coaches are highly encouraged to organize other training activities – such as sessions indoors including boxing, gym circuits, other active games such as basketball or swimming (indoor pools).  Information can be obtained via the club website, Facebook page and your team manager.


The club will publish ground closures (weekday and weekend) on our Website and Facebook page. Team Managers are also responsible for informing teams where possible via email or SMS. ACT Sport Grounds also provide general ground closure information:

  • MONDAY TO FRIDAY: Please contact ACT Sports Grounds information line (02) 6207 5957 or visit for ground closure information.
  • FOR WEEKENDS are normally determined by the home ground association (ACTJRU) or club/school. Weekend Ground Closures are generally announced on radio (AM; 666, 2CC and 2CA and FM; Mix106.3 and Hit104.7).

Please note: that this information is only updated when grounds are closed and reopened, at 9am each weekday. However – please confirm directly with your manager/coach as other training activities may be organized in place of a field training session.


Registered participants of the Game are provided basic levels of cover under the Rugby Australia Insurance Plan for Sports Injury (Accident) cover, excluding cover for medical expenses where there is any Medicare Contribution (i.e. Medicare Gap).

It is recommended that all participants consider Private Health and other Insurances as required for their individual circumstances, over and above the coverage provided under this Plan. Further information including Claim details can be found at Ambulance Transport can now be claimed through the insurance.

The Club or our Registered First Aid Officers are not liable for the cost if an ambulance is called.

Reference: Rugby AU insurance

How can we help?

We would love your help

As you know running a rugby club involves heaps of effort and time, basically it takes a community.  And of course we'd love your help!!