Club Administration

Club Administration


The Clubs Constitution [paragraph 31] sets out the Office Bearers (the “Executive Committee”) that are appointed at the AGM. The Committee is charged with managing the affairs of the TVJRUFC Inc. under the Australian Capital Territory Associations Incorporations Act 1991.

The office bearers under the constitution are;

  • President
  • Vice-President Operations
  • Vice-President Admin
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Registrar
  • (if applicable) One member to be appointed by each affiliated organisation

The committee is made up of annually elected officials, appointed office bearers and volunteers. There are no paid committee positions, and all give freely of their time and expertise for the benefit of all in the club.

Other Committee members

General Committee members – the executive committee may appoint other persons to assist in the executive committee to administer the club. These positions are determined by the executive committee from time to time but have consisted of the following roles (note: not all are or need to be filled):

    • Coach Coordinator/Club Coach
    • Volunteer Coordinator
    • Gear and Grounds Manager
    • Procurement Manager
    • Merchandise Coordinator
    • Media, Communication and Liaison Manager (includes web site management, social media channel management)
    • Social and Fundraising Coordinator

Special Appointees – The executive committee may designate special positions for any such appointment. This is at the discretion of the Committee and does not entitle a person to membership of the Committee. Examples of these roles can include but not limited too;

    • Member Protection and Complaints Officer
    • Club Capitan – appointed by the executive committee from the playing group.
    • Canteen Manager
    • U15 Tour Committee
    • Sub-committee members/volunteers


The Committee may appoint sub-committees to carry out specific functions. A committee person will be appointed as Chairperson of any sub-committee. The Chairperson reports to the Committee.

Sub-committees may work face-to-face or virtually via relevant channels (email, phone, VC, ‘WhatsApp’ or similar platforms) Sub-committees’ will operate under the same club policy framework

Normally any sub-committee should be made up of at least 2 standing executive committee members and may include the compliance officer and any other persons the committee deems suitable to assist in the task.

The exception to this is the (sub) Committee established to conduct the annual under 14 New Zealand tour, where only 1 Executive Committee member is appointed to as New Zealand Tour Committee Chair – see below Under 14 New Zealand Tour Sub-Committee.

Vikings Rugby Seniors club committee representation

By invitation to a specific meeting, the Vikings Senior Club committee may invite a representative of the Juniors to attend a Senior Club Committee meeting – either in whole or for a specific agenda item. The Junior Committee will nominate an Executive Committee member to represent the Viking Juniors at those meetings. Usually it is the President and either of the Vice-Presidents.

To foster close cooperation, guidance and input, the junior committee also requests a senior Vikings Representative to all Viking Juniors general committee meetings. This representative is a standing member of the juniors general committee.

Liaison point between ‘Seniors’ and ‘Juniors’ for “Gen-Red” teams

A member of the TVJRUFC executive Committee will be appointed as the liaison officer between Vikings Juniors and the Vikings Seniors in relation to the operation of the Gen-Red program for older Junior teams, including Girls under 16s and under 18 teams, and boys under16s and under 18 teams.

This role will work closely with Vikings seniors and Juniors is the intermediary and contact to the ACTJRU on all team fixtures/judiciary/admin matters for the Gen-Red teams

Under 14 New Zealand Tour Sub-Committee

In June of each year a sub-committee is established made up of interested parents/guardians/supporters of the team to tour New Zealand in the following calendar year (normally touring during the July School Holidays). While the Tour Committee will generally operate independently of the main club committee – it is still governed by the Clubs constitution and is directly accountable to the club executive committee. 

The chair of this committee should be a standing member of the executive committee. 

The Tour Committee will report to the Club Committee monthly and provide any and all information to the executive committee as requested. The handover of fundraising between each successive tour is 1st July each year.

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